Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pinterest and Other Ramblings

I just have one question, what did people do before the Internet?  It is so hard to remember a time when you couldn't just pull up 'google' to solve an argument!  My latest and greatest Internet driven obsession - Pinterest!  I am completely and totally obsessed!  Whoever came up with Pinterest is pure genious!  I think that I have made a Pinterest sourced recipe for dinner every night for the past 3 weeks!  And what a place to find anything craft and / or DIY related!  If only someone would pay me to browse Pinterest...oh well dreaming is healthy right!!  Back to reality...a couple of weeks after Christmas my computer crashed...and went to computer heaven, unfortunately it insisted on bringing every last file of mine (cough, ahem, that wasn't backed up) with it.  Erghhhh.  Needless to say I have been working my little heart out trying to make something out of nothing to get my little Etsy shop back up and running again.  This not so small task would be infinitely easier if there were either (a) more hours in the day, or (b) a nanny by my side or (b) a personal assistant at my beck and call.  Again, a mere dream.  I am getting close...close.  Tomorrow I will be posting a tutorial for a bottle cap necklace...and hopefully that will be succeeded by many more tutorials!!  I now must run...literally - I have become a cold weather of my proudest accomplishments of late!! 

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