Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend DIY Jewelry Project - Braided Beaded Bracelet (Triple B Threat)

As I mentioned in a previous post one of my latest addictions - yes, I suppose it is about time that I admit that I am truly an addict - is Pinterest!  My new morning routine is (1) wake up (2) make my morning elixer of lemon juice, cayenne, and water (3) work-out (4) force down the tonic (5) reward myself with a coffee that is too sweet for most tastes WHILE sitting in front of my computer for 15 minutes browsing Pinterest...ahhh morning perfection!  Alas when 6:30 rolls around the quite bliss that surrounds me, my coffee, and Pinterest is shattered as my 3 and 5 year olds come stumbling / tumbling down the stairs demanding food.  Today however is Saturday and my body has been begging for a day off of working out to this morning I woke up at a lazy 6:15 - went to number (2), skipped (3) and then found these bracelets while doing (5)!  Check 'em out!

They are these totally awesome, and appearingly totally doable DIY beaded bracelets by WTF (follow the link :).  They have a great step-by-step tutorial on how to do!  I think I found myself a little project for the weekend!!  Now I just have to eek out some time between Costco shopping, hosting a birthday dinner, heading into the T dot (Toronto) to do some skating with my boys (all 3) and my dad, and going for a scheduled run in the forest with my hubby (scheduled due to need of really take out spontanaiety)!  Can I do it!!??  Yes I can!!  OK, now I sound like Bob - you know Bob the Builder! 

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